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About Us


Total Childcare Services Ltd  aims to offer the opportunity to have all your childcare needs catered for using our unique tailored package; designed to meet the individual needs and preferences of you and your child.

As working parents with young children we struggled to juggle work with childcare. We couldn’t find childcare at weekends or early in the mornings and had to rely on our family…probably too much!!

We’ve solved this problem for you by offering you a complete and individualised childcare package where you choose the times, the location, and who cares for your child. Why not mix your child’s care and education by using our Little Skaters nursery & pre-school with either our Childminding or Home Care services.

TCS are a family run business who mix traditional learning methods based on utilising the ‘great outdoors’, with modern technology. Having an Early Years Teacher as our Childcare & Education Manager offers your child the best possible care, development and pre-school education.

Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)

Baby boy: learning

What does that actually mean?

Parents, Carers & Families (particularly if their child hasn’t been in childcare before) might not necessarily understand what the EYFS and EYFS Framework is and what it means to them and their child.

In this section we will aim to give you an overview of the EYFS framework to broaden your understanding of what we take pride in providing for your child when they’re in our care. Using your child’s secure on-line development record, through newsletters and updates, when you become a TCS customer we’ll provide timely and relevant information to keep you engaged with what we’re doing and how we’re delivering the EYFS framework to your child.

Visit the Foundation Years website

Our Policies & Procedures

There’s always a balance between information overload and providing you with enough information to make informed decisions. Prior to engaging you as one of our valued customers we will provide you with an overview of our policies and procedures and have the ‘intricate details’ available should you require more information.

To ensure we provide the highest quality care, development and education for your child, all our policies and procedures are directly linked to Best Practice and/or National Guidelines set by policy makers. Where possible we aim to exceed and even develop those set by others.

Priority 1 – The safety of your child

The safety of your child is our number one priority. Please find below some general information on how we’ll ensure the safety and security of your child when they’re in our care:

Safer Recruitment
It’s vital we take every care to safely recruit the right people to care for your child. Have a look at the National Guidance we comply with and exceed to ensure we have the right people looking after your child.
Gov.uk Safer Recruitment

Safeguarding & Child Protection
 Within Total Childcare Services Ltd, Ruth Dicken takes the lead for child protection and safeguarding matters. All TCS staff have up-to-date child protection training and all our staff are alert to recognising individual children’s needs.
Childcare Training

Paediatric 1st Aid
All our TCS staff are trained in paediatric 1st aid and we’ll keep you informed and work with you should your child need any form of medical care.
Risk Assessments
If all risk were removed from every situation we’d find ourselves completely wrapped in cotton wool. Our risk assessments strike a balance between allowing kids to be kids, to learn through exploration, and reducing risks to your child and our team. It’s part of life that children will have bumps and scrapes, particularly when they play outside a lot, but we’ll give them all the care, cuddles and plasters they’ll need to battle through the day!
General policies & procedures
We are proud to be members of the Children’s Charity 4Children. 4Children provide expertise and leadership in the development of childcare, development and educational policies. As members of 4Children we are pleased that all our general policies and procedures are developed around and comply with 4Children’s high standards. Have a look at the 4Children website for more detailed information. 
The qualifications of our staff
We aim to recruit the highest qualified and most professional of staff to provide your child the highest standards of care, development and education. We invest in ensuring the continuous professional development for all our staff, including our trainees and volunteers. Have a browse through the links below to see some standards of qualifications our teams members have:
Early Years Teachers
Early Years Educators

Health & Wellbeing
We’ve already mentioned how your child will be an active child by making the most of the great outdoors when they’re in our care. We believe we can support you by us providing and promoting a healthy lifestyle to your child while they’re with us. Have a quick look at the attached link to see how we can work with you, in partnership, to provide well balanced healthy food and drink for your child.
Children’s Food Trust

Corporate & Social Responsibility
We believe that by being a local business, serving local people and employing local people, we owe a duty to local communities. Some of the things we aim to do, where possible, are; Source all our products locally. Priority will be given to buying from local charities. Each member of our team will give 3 days of community volunteering (their wages will be paid for by TCS). We will ensure equality for children and customers from all backgrounds and all range of abilities.

If you know of a worthy community project which TCS can help you with, please get in touch.

Environmental Learning
We want children to learn about the environment and how important it is in an urban setting. Being based in the center of St.Leonards is a great place for your child to do that.

We’ll teach your child how to grow fruit and veg in ‘smaller spaces’, explore what plants, animals and ‘bugs’ can live in an urban environment, but also develop their understanding of  the use of our natural surroundings. Reduce, Reuse & Recycle is high on our agenda. We will teach your child how to protect the environment and the benefits of RRR.

Examples of things we’re doing to reduce our carbon footprint includes using an ‘air source heat pump’ to heat our premises. To support this we’re planning to have solar panels for our electric supply. Where possible our toys and equipment will be ‘used’ (but of good quality) thereby saving things from being thrown away, or by using things gained from the local environment (pine cones and pebbles can be used for a number of things!). We’ll ‘shop’ locally to reduce ‘food miles’. In time to come we aim for all our company vehicles to be either electric or low carbon.


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