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?????????????????sYour child, your choice

Total Childcare Services look forward to offering you real choice for the care and education of your child. This service isn’t currently available but hopefully will be in 2017. We understand that you may want flexibility in how your child is cared for; using one of our team of qualified and highly professional Childmiders will offer you and your child that option. We also understand that you may want to mix that care and education between nursery, Childminding and Home Care….not a problem, we’ll arrange that for you in a coordinated way which suits the needs of you and your child.

We take great care, through working with you, to ensure we provide you the Childminder of YOUR choice who is best suited to meet the needs and preferences of you AND your child. We will provide you with as much information as you need to make an informed choice of Childminder in addition to ensuring you and your child get to know and trust that Childminder before we look after your child.

Cute children drawing with teacher at preschool classOur Child-minding Team

Childminders, being key members of the TCS team, will receive the same training, support, and quality assurance as any other TCS team member. In fact, each of our Childminders will spend time working within our Little Skaters nursery and will deliver the same high standard of care and education as you would expect there, with particular focus on providing the same outdoor experiences. We pride ourselves on ensuring we have the best available team members to provide your child a home from home included within the TCS package.

Keeping you engaged and informed

All of our Childminders will use the same technology as our nursery. You will have secure access to your child’s own on-line development record, which is constantly updated, allowing you to enjoy how your child is developing and to see what fun they are having.

Three children surrounding a small disabled child in wheelchairLet us know what you need

Drop in for a brew to our Little Skaters nursery or give us a call to chat through how we can offer your child a safe, flexible, fun & stimulating care and education package tailored to your needs.