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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the 'childcare package' work?

We know how difficult it can be to juggle childcare with work, important commitments and a busy family life. Likewise we also know how difficult it can be to find childcare at the times YOU want or need it, not just when ‘slots’ or family are available.

By having a daycare nursery which opens for longer hours and even at weekends, combined with our team of dedicated Home-carers, Total Childcare Services aims to arrange and manage your child’s individual care.

Simply tell us when your childcare is needed and we will create the perfect package which best suits yours and your child’s needs. This package includes you choosing which member of our qualified and professional team YOU want to care for your child.

How does the 'on-line booking' system work?
Imagine either having to work past your normal finishing time or being at home in the evening trying to arrange dinner out with friends. You need to book additional childcare there-and-then!

Included within your individualised package you’ll have personalised access to our unique on-line booking system where, via your phone, tablet or computer, you can book any additional childcare your child may need.

How do you make sure your TCS Home-Carers match the standard of your nursery?

To start off with each member of the TCS team, whether they be part of our nursery team or Home Carers, are all professionally qualified to care for your child. Our highly qualified Childcare Leadership Team will have direct responsibility for leading and developing all members of the TCS team, thereby ensuring the care and education which is given to your child matches the high standards we provide within our nursery.

After having passed our rigorous recruitment process each Home-Carer will have spent time within our daycare nursery and will receive all the training, scrutiny and support needed to ensure your child is safe, is stimulated and has fun.

How do I pay for my child's care?

Upon becoming a TCS customer we will ask for a £100 refundable deposit to secure your child’s place. From thereon we will ask for a monthly payment in advance by direct debit to cover your contracted hours. When booking on-line our customers will be asked to secure their booking using our safe & secure on-line payment system. If you’re running late and can’t book on-line, don’t worry, we’ll ask you to pay using either the ‘PayM’ or ‘Barclay’s Pingit’ App upon collecting you child. You can also pay for care using a wide range of childcare vouchers.

We aren’t the cheapest, we won’t pretend to be, but we aren’t the most expensive either. Let us quickly remind you of some of the great benefits you and your child will have access to which no other local childcare providers currently provides:

Coordinated & flexible wrap-around care package designed around yours and your child’s needs
Opening hours which suits the customer, not the provider. If you work weekends, so do we!
On-line access to your child’s personalised development record so at any time you can view what your child has been doing that day, even seeing what they ate, and having the ability for YOU to add comments to their record.
On-line booking where you can secure additional childcare at the touch of a button

Little Skaters only charge £5.25 per hour, less than 5% more than the local average cost…less than £10 extra per week for 40 hours childcare! We’re proud to believe our customers get real value for their money through the care, facilities and flexibility we provide.

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