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Let us quickly remind you of just some of the great benefits your tailored childcare package will offer which no other local childcare providers currently offers:

  • Unique hours from 07.30am to 6.30pm in our nursery, other flexible hours with our Homecare service.
  • A completely coordinated & flexible wrap-around care package designed around yours and your child’s needs
  • On-line access to your child’s personalised development record so at any time you can view what your child has been doing that day, even seeing what they ate, and having the ability for YOU to add comments to their record.
  • On-line booking where you can secure additional childcare at the touch of a button

The quality of care, education and customer service you and your child will receive at our nursery will far exceed anything else offered in the local area. Our nursery charge is £5.25 per hour per child. We’re proud to believe our customers get real value for their money and this price includes absolutely everything for your child throughout their time with us – nappies, milk, healthy snacks, hot meals, drinks and unlimited water. We understand that at times, organising your child(ren) can be hard work, so for busy parents this service will give you one less thing to think about. Our ‘All Inclusive’ service allows you to simply drop your child to us knowing that they will be well looked after and provided with everything they need throughout their day.

Lots of people pay £10 per hour for a home cleaner!! Our Homecare hourly rate starts at £5.25 per hour per child if three children are being looked after at the same time, £7.75 per hour per child for two children, or £14.00 per hour for one child.The more children our Homecarer looks after in your home the cheaper the hourly rate is. Do you have a friend or neighbour who needs early or late childcare too? If our Homecarer looks after those children in one house it will be cheaper for you all.

If one of our TCS team needs to take or collect your child from somewhere, any travel related costs will need to be charged. Any of these charges will be explained and provided to you, in detail, as part of your childcare package.

Paying for your Childcare

Upon becoming a TCS customer we will ask for a £100 refundable deposit to secure your child’s place (customers using purely ‘government funded hours won’t have to provide this deposit). From thereon we will ask for a monthly payment in advance by direct debit to cover your contracted hours. When booking on-line our customers will be asked to secure their booking using our safe & secure on-line payment system. If you’re running late and can’t book on-line, don’t worry, we’ll ask you to pay using either the PayM or Barclay’s Pingit App upon collecting you child.

Free childcare places and vouchers?
You’ll be able to pay for your child’s care using a wide range of the available childcare voucher systems.

We’ll also welcome you using your child’s entitlement for government funded childcare. To find out more about your child’s entitlement to free childcare hours please click here.

Not a regular TCS customer but need emergency childcare?

School inset days? School closed due to snow or flooding? Not a problem, we can provide your childcare needs during those emergencies.