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Little Skaters Nursery & Pre-school

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Happy Muddy ChildPremises & Location

Set within the centre of St.Leonards and close to the beach, Little Skaters is a modern nursery & pre-school which offers exciting opportunities for your child to learn whilst having fun and exploring nature.

Not only will your child benefit from having new and exciting facilities, we believe that children can really benefit from maximising their time spent outdoors. Your child will spend lots of time in our urban garden learning about nature and the environment, but also having great fun building dens, splashing in puddles and getting muddy!

Do you know the difference between an Ash and an Elm, a Wren and a Sparrow, a Daisy and a Dandelion? Your child will, so why not come and join us on one of our family walks. All our activities and facilities are suited to children of all abilities to enjoy. We really welcome family visitors so please feel free to come and visit us.

Children having picnicOpening Hours

We understand how busy life is and how sometimes the demands of work can clash with being a parent/carer…..we know, we’re working parents with little ones to look after!
To make life easier for you open from 07.30am until 6pm. Our unique opening hours gives you the flexibility to ensure you can get to work on time knowing that your little one is being looked after in our safe and stimulating care.

We wouldn’t expect your child to stay awake if you are late from work or if they’ve had an early morning; don’t worry, our ‘Dream Land’ area will ensure they have a warm & comfortable bed to snuggle up into until you’re able to collect them.

Close up of organic soil surface background and pink gardening tMixed Traditional & Modern

Fancy receiving a photo on your phone/computer so you can see how much your child is enjoying themselves? Fancy having the ability to ‘log in’ on-line to see what your child has been enjoying and learning during the day?
We understand that whilst you are at work and your child is having great fun with us, you will naturally be curious and interested in what they do throughout their day. We offer you the ability to maximise the use of technology to allow you to keep informed, and most importantly enjoy, your child’s experience. Using your unique secure ID & log-in you can access your child’s daily diary and read their daily progress and even view some of the work they have created and photos of the fun they have had.
We believe we’ll be the only nursery in the local area who currently provides our parents/carers with such a modern and interactive service. Not only does this keep you engaged in your child’s development but it also ensures it isn’t just your child who enjoys their time at our nursery !

Well-being, Happiness & Safety

The well-being, happiness and safety of your child are the most important things to us. These three elements lead to the ongoing enjoyment and development of your child when they’re with us. As such, we look after your child as if they are our own.

Because your child will spend time outside every day exploring and learning, we ask that your child keeps suitable outdoor accessories (wellies, hats, all-in-ones, sun cream, etc….don’t worry, we’ll work with you on what’s needed) with them at the nursery, whilst everything else your child needs whilst at the nursery is provided for them. The price of your child’s care includes, where relevant, nappies, hot meals, snacks, fruit, baby milk and drinks. We are proud to provide varied and healthy meals and can accommodate a wide range of dietary requirements. We will encourage your child to enjoy the fruit and veg they have helped us grow at the nursery, and any we don’t grow will be fresh produce purchased from a local supplier.

To ensure we maximise the well-being, happiness and safety of your child, all of our policies and procedures are consistent with 4Children’s best practice document, ‘Getting It Right’.